Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Company Person vs Own Person

I remember when I was very young I never understood what a COMPANY MAN was. Supposedly it was someone who did not question the company's position on anything and simply marched in the direction they were told. " What a silly way to define loyalty ", I thought. "No one does this. There will always be something one will not agree with." As I continued on my career journey I often ran into situations where I disagreed with company policy for both business and ethical reasons. I don't know when I forgot this thinking but it had been a long time since I thought about the COMPANY MAN .Then came the Financial Horror Stories of Wall Street. We all know the stories of greed and corruption that have contributed to the terrible condition of our economy. This has made me ask a question I have not thought of for many years. "HOW MANY COMPANY PERSONS SAT THROUGH THE DECISION MAKING SESSIONS THAT CAUSED THIS MESS"? Certainly they outnumbered those who are their "OWN PERSON". Hey! Great companies are comprised and made of differing opinions and people who have the fortitude to be true to themselves. ALWAYS BE YOUR "OWN PERSON". You will be happier with yourself.