Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I remember when business casual came to be. I was mortified.I had always thought that the Business Suit was part of career growth. The suit or type of suit was proof of success or position. I never thought the way one dressed had anything to do with their comfort at work but BUSINESS CASUAL came to be. If you work in a casual environment DO NOT FORGET THE TERM"BUSINESS". This is not the beach. This is not a party. This is not a sports bar. This is BUSINESS. The best rule to follow is to pay attention to what MANAGEMENT is wearing. If they wear blazers-wear blazers. If they wear skirts-wear skirts. Don't show up in jeans and loafers without socks. Always be mindful that you are representing your business. Your appearance is important. BE CAREFUL!

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  1. Great post, Ron! The theory of dressing for the position you want to have is especially relevant for young people today. Just because the outfit looks good on your MySpace profile doesn't mean it will look good at the client meeting!

    But as you well know, there's a lot more to it than simply dressing the part. Thankfully, there are great resources like your blog and the Partners in Education program ( that the Army National Guard offers to help guide young adults. Partners in Education has info about the Guard's career mentor programs, in-school presentations, and more. It's another resource your readers may want to check out.