Monday, July 27, 2009


Unless you work for a government agency or a secret product development department in your company, you are free to talk about your job at any time with anyone.AND GUESS WHAT?? Have at it!! You will never find a better way to bounce ideas, opinions, or direction relative to your position and gain new ideas than to speak with those around you. Talk to friends, neighbors,social acquaintances,family. Solicit their thoughts but be prepared to hear differing views. I used to attend strategic/planning meeting and made it a point to ask everyone in attendance about ideas and opinions on the subject at hand. I would also ask how they thought the general public or our customers felt . Most often I heard about focus group sessions and market intelligence but I most enjoyed feedback that came from personal experience(eg. "my neighbor told me"). It's important we know how those around us feel about what we do. ASK THEM!

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