Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We have covered the importance of working a daily PLAN. This is critical for everyone but especially critical for PROCRASTINATORS! If you are a procrastinator YOU ARE DOOMED TO BE A LEAF! You will lose control of your destiny and end up wherever the wind may take you. Your list will never get done and your inability to manage your time will become apparent to peers, subordinates, and superiors. I have come to believe that procrastination is a predisposed condition. It has little to do with energy and less to do with ability. I once had a very talented subordinate manager who excelled at all facets of his charge but was always having trouble meeting deadlines. I called him in and we discussed the situation. I told him that this factor of his performance not only reflected badly on him but made the work enviroment for his subordinates intolerable. I challenged him to focus on daily planning and keep a diary/ list of THINGS I GOTTA DO TODAY. He was embarassed and concerned. I offered to discuss this factor with him at any time he needed help. He took our conversation to heart and made an amazing turnaround. Procrastination became very real to him; as a condition to be dealt with daily and as a condition critical to his success. If this is a trait that you deal with it can be cured. IT IS UP TO YOU!!

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