Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Plan everyday---DON'T BE A LEAF

"So, what's the plan for today?" or "How was your day?"Odds are you will get both of these questions nearly every day of your career journey. If you do one simple thing you will be able to answer these questions. PLAN YOUR DAY. There is an old saying "People don't PLAN TO FAIL THEY FAIL TO PLAN_How true! Without a plan we become a Leaf. We end up where the wind blows us. We have no control of our destiny. The first consideration of the MANAGEMENT PROCESS is PLANNING( a latter time). But we are leaving the house for work. WHAT IS YOUR PLAN? As you climb "the ladder" you will have busier days and you will polish your organizational skills but even on your first day you should have a plan (eg meet the boss, meet the team, human resources, lunch, etc). A lot of stuff. Planning your day is as easy as keeping and maintaining a "list of THINGS TO DO TODAY" The listfor tomorrow begins with what you did not get done today and new assignments. You simply record these chores then prioritize them in order of importance. You now know what you will be doing the first thing tomorrow morning. This discipline will help you not commit the unforgiveable sin- FORGETTING! You will never get it all done. That's why you cross off what you accomplish, add new chores, and prioritize daily. SIMPLE, right? SIMPLE? Yes SILLY Hell no! Start out doing this daily and you are on your way to that position where you will have an admin assistant doing this for you. "So, what's the plan today"? Now you know! "How was your day"? Lay it ouy for them! YOU KNOW WHAY? SIMPLE IS ALWAYS BETTER!!MOST PEOPLE WHO CONSIDER SIMPLE WAYS AS SILLY END UP FEELING SILLY!

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