Thursday, May 7, 2009


Unless you are an actor, in the military, police officer, fireman, etc. you will not wear a uniform or pretend to be someone you are not. DON'T FORGET THIS---ALWAYS BE YOURSELF! I remember the first manager I worked for. He was a real "hardass" at work. Very stiff and harsh. After working with him for a couple months I ran into him at a mall. He was with a guy I knew from a sports league I was involved in. They were neighbors. My boss was very quiet while my friend and I talked. It so happened that my friend and I had a game to play the next evening. When we saw each other the conversation turned to my boss-his neighbor. All I heard was what a great guy my boss was. How whenever anyone in their neighborhood needed help my boss was there to help. How my boss was very active in his church and manned a homeless shelter 2 nights a week. My HARDASS, STIFF,INTOLERANT, LOUD BOSS was a SAINT!!!! For the rest of the time I worked for this guy he never changed. It was strange. I knew he was a great guy away from work but was held in high regard by noone on the job. Never talked about his family; never ask anyone about their family. As I moved along in my career I always paid close attention to people(associates, superiors, and subordinates) who were never ALWAYS THEMSELF. You must be the same person at work that you are accross your fence, at your child's school function, with your spouse or special person . If you are not you will not be happy and your comrades will not trust you. It will be difficult for people to relate to you; they will be confused! CLUE--IF YOU CAN'T BE YOUSELF AT WORK YOU ARE AT THE WRONG PLACE!! You will succeed in your career only when everyone knows WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT!

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