Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Keep your ears on. You will LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY if you simply pay attention and LISTEN to what is going on around you. The only RULE TO LISTENING is to always CONSIDER THE SOURCE! If you hear something you don't understand STOP and ASK FOR CLARIFICATION; not only have you learned but you are more comfortable in your environment. ALWAYS LISTEN TO CRITICISM AND COMPLIMENTS--LISTEN CAREFULLY! If someone criticizes you listen for a suggestion on how to change. If you do not hear the suggestion ASK for one. If there is no suggestion--move on. You have heard to never take criticism personally but some of IS PERSONAL! If you can't help but think the criticism is personal IT PROBABLY IS. You should always learn from COMPLIMENTS; as well.CONTROL YOUR EGO! Ask your self about the COMPLIMENT. WHY was what you did good? STORE the moment and use this action again! You will never know it all or even come close unless you actively LISTEN EVERYDAY!!

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