Monday, May 18, 2009


OK we are all busy and our daily planning schedules are packed. We are members of a team with talented "players". We want to distinguish our self; so, how? WE GO AGAINST THE GRAIN! WE VOLUNTEER FOR ANYTHING THAT COMES UP(as long as we have time)!!! Forever we have been told to never VOLUNTEER.but let someone else take the risk. GUESS WHAT that person who took the risk most likely learned something you don't know. I was always interested in team members who ASKED for NEW CHALLENGES. I was equally interested in those who tried to hide when I asked for someone to step up. It is very interesting to me now as I see where all my young subordinates have arrived. Most all of those who have "made it" were always interested in taking on fresh challenges. THEY LEARNED MORE THAN THEIR PEERS and were better prepared for success. DON'T OVERLOAD but BE HUNGRY TO LEARN!

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