Thursday, May 14, 2009


We will get to the fine art of leadership but let' s cover FOLLOWING first. The best way to learn leadership traits is to follow someone who displays these traits. You should never be a blind follower or compromise your integrity or belief system: therefore, you should feel comfortable with the skills of your leader. FOLLOWING is a skill in its own right. Following requires; LISTENING, ASKING QUESTIONS, REQUESTING HELP(when needed), OFFERING ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS(when appropriate), SUPPORTING THE PLAN. You should feel comfortable with a LEADER who is a GOOD LISTENER, is OPEN TO OTHER OPINIONS, displays PASSION FOR THE CHORE AT HAND, is FLEXIBLE, SETS THE EXAMPLE of putting the TEAM FIRST, and DELEGATES DUTIES to team members. ALWAYS BE A DEVOTED FOLLOWER and you will always be on a winning team.

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